Investing in Knowledge Convergence, the Next Era of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Investing in early stage, transformational, early software innovators who are delivering solutions that will shape the next era of business, harmonizing machine and human capability to drive increased sales, reduce costs, or deliver innovative user experiences.

Our Focus Areas

There are 6 key themes that we expect to shape the future of AI in the enterprise:

  1. Knowledge Assembly Line - Human and machine working together in concert to "manufacture" knowledge products
  2. Next Generation of User Experience - Using voice and language-based commands to interact with software and systems
  3. Digitization of the Physical - Algorithms and approaches that replicate and understand complex natural processes and systems
  4. Truly Smart Devices - Devices that enable real-time intelligence from sensors and robotics
  5. Novel Computational Approaches - New methods of training AI that reduce the amount of data or computation to achieve results
  6. Accessibility of Machine Intelligence - Platforms and tools that increase the accessibility of artificial intelligence in the enterprise

How They Use AI

We have 6 specific categories of AI implementation that we expect from companies:

  1. Process Automation - Automation of digital and physical tasks
  2. Cognitive Insights - Interpreting patterns in large amounts of data
  3. Cognitive Engagement - Interacting with customers & employees
  4. Data Collection - Systems that collect clean, structured data that enables the creation of novel AI and ML models
  5. AI Tools - Software that simplifies the development and delivery of AI and ML systems
  6. Generative - Software that creates text, images, or video automatically in response to an input

Company Characteristics We Expect

In order to be considered for investment, all companies must meet the following basic criteria:

  • Deliver one of the 6 core AI modalities
  • Sells to businesses, not consumers
  • Have a full product ready and completed at least one commercial pilot
  • One or more founders has experience in the target market
  • Has a capital efficient business model
  • The product is a need, not a nice to have
  • Is based in the US or Canada, with specific preferences for Texas


Sentiero invests in any industry where at least one partner or advisor has experience as founders, operators, or investors.  This means we invest across 27+ industries but have the deepest expertise in the following:

  • Business Services & Consulting
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Software
  • Healthcare IT
  • Real Estate
  • Retailing & Distribution
  • Internet & Web Services
  • Sports, Media, & Entertainment
  • Sales Management & CRM
  • Financial Services / Fintech
  • Travel

Is your company a fit for Sentiero?